Apex Legends Survey Reveals The Most Popular Guns

What are the best guns in Apex Legends? Well, that's somewhat subjective, but thanks to a new survey, we now have a good sense on what the most popular guns are in the game, and normally when something is popular it's because it's good. Recently a survey was held on Reddit that asked players what their favorite guns are in the game, and 1000s of players participated, painting a pretty good picture of what the game's player base prefers to use when killing Gibbys.

The survey broke down weapons into classes, so rather than have the Peacekeeper going head-to-head with the Longbow, it went head-to-head with the Eva-8, everyone's favorite shotgun to die using. Anyway, enough of that, here are the results:


  1. Wingman - 57 percent
  2. RE-45 - 40 percent
  3. P2020 - 3 percent

As you can see, nothing surprising here. In the old meta, Wingman was the most deadly gun in the game, but in the current meta it's not nearly as effective or popular. Meanwhile, the RE-45 has quickly been growing in popularity after being ignored for a long time.


  1. Peacekeeper - 64. 4 percent
  2. EVA-8 - 32. 7 percent
  3. Mozambique - 2.9 percent

Again, no real surprises here. The Peacekeeper is another gun that's seen a slight decrease in popularity in the current meta, but it's still the best shotgun in the game. I will say though the fact so many people think the EVA-8 is better than the Peacekeeper worries me.


  1. Longbow - 64.9 percent
  2. Triple Take - 20.5 percent
  3. G7 Scout - 14.6 percent

The Longbow is easily one of the best weapons in the game, and by far the best sniper. That said, I'm surprised that the G7 Scout only came in six percent lower than the Triple Take. I see quite a few players use the Triple Take, but rarely do I ever come across a death box with a G7 Scout (and that's because it's garbage).

Assault Rifles:

  1. R-301 Carbine - 78.1 percent
  2. Havoc - 11.6 percent
  3. Hemlock - 7.1 percent
  4. Flatline - 3.2 percent

The R-301 is widely considered the best gun in the game, mostly thanks to its versatility. It's devastating at mid-range, and even pretty good at close-range. Meanwhile, it can even hang a bit at longer ranges.

Machine Guns:

  1. Spitfire - 74.4 percent
  2. Devotion - 25. 6 percent

If you can't find a R-301 Carbine, then your next best bet is the Spitfire, which is the second best all-around gun. In other words, it's not very surprising it earned so much of the vote, though the Devotion in certain situations can be devastating.

Submachine Guns:

  1. R-99 - 72.9 percent
  2. Prowler - 22.8 percent
  3. Alternator - 4.4 percent

The R-99 is probably the second best weapon in the game. It or the Longbow. It's almost OP when it has purple attachments on it. There's no better close-range weapon. However, the Prowler has quickly been gaining popularity in the current meta, so come next season the R-99 may not be as popular.


  1. Arc Star - 82. 4 percent
  2. Grenade - 10 percent
  3. Thermite - 7.5 percent

Not only are the Arc Stars by far the most effective throwables in the game, but they are a ton of fun to use. Grenades take a lot more technique, and everyone knows players who throw Thermites are horrible people.

Apex Legends is available, for free, via PS4, Xbox One, and PC. At the moment of publishing, there's been no word of a Nintendo Switch port, but a mobile port is on the way and coming sometime this summer.

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