Dead by Daylight's First Cosplay Guide Is Out Now

Dead by Daylight has more than its fair share of eccentric and imposing characters throughout its many Survivors and Killers, some of them original creations and others licensed from well-known properties. The Killers especially have some unique looks to their names that are just asking for some cosplayers to take on the challenge of becoming the characters. To help with that, Behaviour Interactive is now publishing cosplay guides, the first of which is for the Huntress.

Behaviour said not long ago that it would start sharing cosplay guides for its characters, and the first of those is out now for the Killer who was added in the Lullaby for the Dark chapter that released in 2017. Armed with hatchets and a eerie rabbit mask, the Huntress was the first Killer who had the ability to throw things at Survivors while chasing them around the Entity’s playgrounds.

Making good on that promise of cosplay how-tos, the first one is now out and can be seen here. It includes a detailed breakdown of each part of the Huntress’ outfit with a lot of the focus place on the mask and her face that’s complete with some scars and other markings players might not have noticed. The weapons are of course a major part of the look as well, so we get to see how both the large and small axes should look.

This cosplay guide also has a bio for the Killer so that you can see what she’s all about and what kind of shoes you’ll be stepping into if you cosplay as her, but the account of the Huntress that’s shared in the game’s journaled lore is a better indication of what it’s like to come in contact with the Killer.


“A figure clad in the head of a hare. A most disturbing sight,” the account from the lore journals reads. “This new foe holds something human within her. Some shards of ordinary life. She seems to be a hunter. I have met many different beings in this place, but this is the first one with a natural skill of hunting. In any other place one could deem it a talent. But her knack for tracking, capturing and killing is something else here. There is something else in her too, she seems to seek something.”

Dead by Daylight’s first cosplay guide is out now, and we’ll have to wait and see which Killer or Survivor Behaviour plans on featuring next.