PUBG Is Updating Erangel for Season 4

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is preparing to kick off Season 4 with a new patch for the PC version now live on the game’s test servers. Part of that patch includes a visual update for Erangel, the original map in the battle royale game that everyone started on. Patch notes for this next update detailed different parts of the map that are changing at the start of Season 4, but some things are still left unknown so that players have some areas to explore and secrets to uncover.

For those who are playing on the game’s test servers already now that the update has been released there, you’ll find several notable areas where the map has been changed. Better visuals are the most obvious part of the update, but elements that’ll affect gameplay like extra structures have also been added. The video above walks players through part of the changes, but again, there’s still much to be explored in Erangel.

“Since launch, millions of players have dropped into Erangel to take part in PUBG’s heart-pounding take on Battle Royale,” the patch notes said. “It’s with that same passion that we dove into this visual update with the goal of bringing our most classic map in line with our more recent offerings, all without losing the magic that made it a fan favorite in the first place. To the players that helped us fine tune the island during our recent testing, we salute you. This island is your home, too. From standard complexes to major landmarks like Mylta Power, we’ve improved the graphical quality of Erangel’s various areas and terrains across the board.”

In addition to the buildings and other points of interest being updated in this patch, the terrain itself has also been altered in some areas. From shores to wooded areas, you’ll find new ways to navigate around the map by using buildings, rock formations, and other objects to your advantage, some of those changes detailed below.


Various Terrain Changes

  • We’ve updated existing terrain, signage, and buildings and have added a small number of buildings to some areas as well.
  • To better illustrate Erangel’s history, terrain elements have been added or revised.
    • Trenches, blast marks, camo nets, and abandoned tanks have been added across different areas of the map.
  • Added barriers along the shore in some locations.
  • Based on player feedback gathered during the testing period, we’ve made the following changes:
    • Grass density and color saturation have been reduced.
    • Overall brightness has been reduced.

PUBG’s Season 4 update is now live on the test servers ahead of its eventual release on the live environment.

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