WWE: Here's How The Stone Cold Stunner Works In HeroClix

HeroClix is bringing WWE into their hit game series with WWE HeroClix, and some of WWE's biggest superstars will be a part of it. Few superstars are bigger in the world of wrestling than Stone Cold Steve Austin, and fans will be able to unleash hell on their opponents with the superstar in HeroClix. WizKids released a new preview of Austin's abilities and stats in the game, and part of the preview features a look at how his signature move will work, the Stone Cold Stunner.

Like the real-life move (wich Kevin Owens now uses in the ring), you have to in close range to use it, and it will create a knockback effect on the poor sap you hit with it. It also allows the player some choice in what benefit they gain from it after using it, letting you either screw up the opponent's plans or directly helping you.

Here's the official description of the Stone Cold Stunner.

(Photo: WizKids)

"CLOSE: KNOCKBACK. If Stone Cold Steve Austin has 1 action token, make a close attack. If he hits, after resolutions choose one: give a hit target an action token; -or- remove an action token from Stone Cold Steve Austin."

You can only have so many Action Tokens on your characters before they have to rest and get rid of them, so this move could either throw your opponent into an early rest or allow you to continue your push across the ring.

You also have to love Stone Cold's second ability, the Vehicular Assault. This is a version of a charge and refers to the fact that Stone Cold frequently drove construction vehicles and ATVs to the ring throughout his reign. The move allows him to charge and get a damage boost if he moves in a straight line, though you can also halve his speed for a different effect.

You can check out his full card and the figure itself in the image above, and his other abilities are listed below.

The Texas Rattlesnake (Charge)

Open A Can (Flurry)

Lou Thesz Press (Slam)

Texas Cloverleaf (Submission Hold)

Kick To The Gut (Stun)

Bionic Redneck (Invulnerability)

Tough Guy (Toughness)

What? (Perplex)

Yeah, I might hate the What chants in real life, but that's a great name for an ability. You can check out the official description below.


"WizKids, the leader in high-quality pre-painted miniatures and established board games, today announced a new multi-year licensing partnership with WWE, with plans to bring the organization’s iconic Superstars to the tabletop with successful gaming platforms HeroClix and Dice Masters as well as branded board games. HeroClix is the #1 selling collectible miniatures game in the world where players will now be able to form their dream team of WWE Superstars to engage their opponents in tabletop combat."

WWE HeroClix hits this October. You can check out more of the game right here and make sure to hit me up on Twitter @MattAguilarCB for all things Tabletop and WWE!