PlayStation 5 Dev Kit Renders Help Visualize the Console

Patent images surfaced recently and showed the design of what was thought to be a PlayStation 5 dev kit. Following speculation about the purpose of the device, a developer surprisingly came right out on Twitter and said that the designs indeed depicted the dev kit for the console and that there were a few of them laying around in an office. Part of the speculation was centered around the apparent console’s appearance and whether or not it’d actually look like this when it was in consumers’ hands, and thanks to some new renders, we now have a better visualization of what this design might look like.

Discussions about the PlayStation 5 dev kits began picking up earlier in the week when patents were found by users on Twitter and ResetEra. These images showed a console which looked to be roughly the same size and shape of a normal PlayStation 4 but with some major differences in its details. A big “V” was set into the top of the console, possibly for ventilation purposes, with more vents on the side. The front of the device featured what looked to be several USB ports and buttons along with a disc drive.

If all that seems a bit difficult to visualize at all or even after seeing the product designs above, Let’s Go Digital’s renders might help. The site was one of the first to share news of the designs of what was thought to be the PlayStation 5 dev kit, and after sharing that news, it returned with renders to show different sides of the console and what it might look like in real life. One of those images can be found in the tweet below with additional angles seen here.

Could this actually be the final version of the PlayStation 5 though? Most likely not since it’s supposedly just a dev kit, but it’d be a unique concept for a console if that were the case.


Sony, of course, hasn’t officially confirmed that this is a dev kit for the next generation of PlayStation, so all we have to go on now is the confirmation from Codemasters developer Matthew Stott. The senior artist tweeted about the dev kit days ago to say it was real but has since deleted not only the tweets but his entire Twitter account.

Sony hasn’t yet revealed any details about the PlayStation 5’s design, so these patent designs and renders will have to suffice until an official reveal happens.

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