Rainbow Six Siege Update Releases Operation Ember Rise and Two New Operators

Rainbow Six Siege players have two new Operators to play with and a huge update worth of changes to explore now that Operation Ember Rise has been released. These two Operators are Amaru and Goya, and each of them comes with their own loadouts and unique gadgets to set them apart from other characters. The latest update also brought on a rework of one map, more changes for various systems like the map rotations, and a mini battle pass ahead of a bigger launch coming later on.

Amaru and Goya have been previewed in the past by Ubisoft, and while they were testable for a while before the Operation’s release, they’re now playable by anyone who has the Year 4 Pass. Those who don’t will have to wait a week until they’re able to purchase the Operators.

You won’t have to wait that long to find out what they can do if you haven’t been keeping up with the reveals though. A new trailer shown above gives us a more cinematic look at the Operators while the patch notes showed what all they’re capable of. Each of their kits have been broken down below:

Amaru (Attacker)

  • Unique Ability: Garra Hook
  • Primary: G8A1 and Supernova
  • Secondary: ITA12S and SMG-11
  • Gadget: Claymore and Stun Grenade
  • Speed: 2
  • Armor: 2

Goyo (Defender)

  • Unique Ability: Volcan Shield
  • Primary: Vector .54 ACP and TCSG12
  • Secondary: P229
  • Gadget: Impact Grenade and Nitro Cell
  • Speed: 2
  • Armor: 2

Joining these Operators is the rework of the Kanal map that’s available now to everyone who’s downloaded the update. This rework has altered the layout of the map including critical points like indoor areas and the verticality of the whole battleground.

“To start off, we wanted players to be able to rotate more easily,” Ubisoft’s patch notes said about the map changes. “With only one path linking the eastern and western buildings, both Attackers and Defenders could find themselves cut off from the objective area. With two bridges, though, players can move more freely, and teams have to coordinate more efficiently in order to cover all entry points. While this improves navigation, we pushed that further by adding two staircases to make vertical movement more accessible. Each building now has two each, color-coded to simplify call-outs. Then, we increased the number of indoor playable areas and expanded some of them, like the Lounge Room. This should allow players to come up with new strategies, all while slowing down objective pushing.”

Operation Ember Rise is now live in Rainbow Six Siege.