League of Legends Card Game Rumored to Be Announced Soon

It appears as though Riot Games may be preparing to announce a League of Legends card game on Tuesday. Esports consultant Rod Breslau said that his sources have told him that the new digital card game will be announced as part of Riot’s 10-year anniversary celebration for League which means that we’ll be hearing about it soon enough, assuming the information is accurate. It’ll supposedly be called “Legends of Runeterra,” a name from Riot that League players have seen before if they’ve been paying attention to past rumors.

Breslau shared the tweet below early on Tuesday in a series of rumors and leaks which were said to reveal parts of Riot’s plans for the event. The name of the game was included along with an idea of when the card game might be announced.

If it is indeed going to be announced at some point today, you can expect to see Riot say something about it later into the day. A Riot Pls video outlining the next stages of League and whatever else Riot is working on will be releases around 6 p.m. PT, so this sounds like the sort of announcement that’d be shared at that time.

Legends of Runeterra” is a phrase which League players may recall made an appearance as a trademark players spotted nearly a year ago. Riot had trademarks for different types of products that were filed in October 2018, and included in those was the name of what people believed to be the next project Riot was working on. Some players speculated that it’d be an MMO, but it now appears that it’ll be a card game instead.

Other details about the project aren’t known, so there’s no telling how similar it’ll be to other games like Valve’s Artifact or The Witcher’s Gwent, assuming that’s even what Riot has planned. Seeing it on the PC seems inevitable, though those types of games occasionally go mobile as well.


Breslau’s hints at Riot’s plans for the day weren’t just limited to a new card game. Other rumors also included an anime that’s supposedly in the works and will be based off of League, and a mobile version of the game itself is also said to be announced today and launched shortly afterward. The second of those two announcements coming true would put to rest a great deal of speculation about League one day going mobile.

Look for Riot’s video update to release later on Tuesday to get a better idea of what’s planned for the future of the game and the company.

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