Disney Announces New Frozen 2 VR Experience

Walt Disney Animation Studios announced on Thursday that those who attend the world premiere of Frozen 2 will be treated to a new virtual reality short called Myth: A Frozen Tale. This VR experience will be directed by Jeff Gipson and draws inspiration from the world of Frozen 2, according to the announcement. It’s unclear at this time though where and when the VR short will appear again outside of the premiere.

The tweet below from the Disney Animation Twitter account told Frozen fans about the new VR short and gave a brief overview of what it’ll be like. By using the “latest VR technology,” people who see the short will hear an original music score and art directed by Disney’s Brittney Lee.

Animation World Network reported that this VR short will make use of the Positron Voyager Chair which is a special type of chair created to facilitate these VR experiences. These chairs can rotate 360 degrees and can lean forward and backwards and are reportedly being provided to the premiere of Frozen 2 thanks to a special arrangement between the two companies.

Clark Spencer, the president of Walt Disney Animation Studios, shared a statement on the partnership in the VR short.

Frozen 2 takes place in such an incredibly rich and exciting cinematic environment, and Myth: A Frozen Tale allows viewers to explore and experience this world in a whole new way,” Spencer said. “Jeff Gipson is one of the leading pioneers in the world of VR, and he found a way to immerse viewers in this world that wouldn’t have been possible any other way. We are so excited to share this amazing VR film with audiences everywhere.”


Lee also shared her thoughts on the VR short and the opportunity to work on it within an Instagram post.

It wasn’t said how available this VR short will be after the premiere of Myth: A Frozen Tale takes place this week in Hollywood. Positron has locations set up in different cities where people can experience various VR projects, so perhaps this Frozen 2 short will find its way to one of those after the premiere.