Among Us Reveals New Airship Map

After much anticipation and many teases, Among Us creators InnerSloth have finally revealed the [...]

After much anticipation and many teases, Among Us creators InnerSloth have finally revealed the game's newest map. It's called "The Airship," and it's scheduled to come to the game some time in early 2021. The first full look at the map was revealed at The Game Awards after a couple of teasers over the past few weeks hinted at what sorts of experiences players would have and how this map would compare to others that are already available.

The first look at the new map can be seen below courtesy of the Among Us reveal at The Game Awards. Just as promised, the new map will have additional tasks for players to experience as well as ladders for players to traverse. Players will also be able to choose what room they want to start in on this map.

Prior to the announcement at The Game Awards, all Among Us players had to go off of in regards to the new map was a teaser that'd been shared a few times on social media after the game's creators started an official Twitter account for Among Us. The image below showed off part of the map while the developers teased new tasks and more in periodic Among Us updates.

"We're hard at work on a new map (It's Henry Stickmin themed!)," one of the only references to the new map in Among Us updates read. "This map is currently looking bigger than Polus! The map will contain plenty of new tasks and will be available for free to all players!"

Free is naturally a big plus for Among Us players as is the idea of creating new tasks for Crewmates to conquer and Imposters to imitate. Along with the new map, InnerSloth has routinely teased different plans they have for the future that we'll hopefully hear more about soon now that the map reveal is out of the way.

Teases for some of those future reveals have indicated that the announcements may come sooner than expected. Some "secret things" are planned for reveals during December to capitalize on the renewed attention thanks to the new map, but we don't yet know the full extent of those plans.

Those looking forward to hopping into the new map should also be sure to check out the free pet giveaway that's going on now. It'll award players a free pet featuring the Twitch Glitch icon, but the offer's only live for a limited time.