Among Us Experiences Server Issues, Developer Responds

Among Us players who’ve been trying to play the game on Tuesday are often being met with an annoying surprise: They’re getting kicked from their lobbies repeatedly. The issue deals with the servers since many of the players getting kicked are reporting seeing a message that says the servers are overloaded. Among Us developer InnerSloth has responded to the issue and said it’s looking into the problem and thanked players for their patience while the issue is looked at.

The reports of players getting kicked from their Among Us games first started appearing on social media early Tuesday morning when players were booted form their lobbies. It wasn’t long after those reports that InnerSloth responded to the issue via Twitter to say that it was aware of the problem.

While staying in a lobby can currently be a challenge since there appears to be no clear indicators as to why some players are getting kicked and others aren’t, being removed from a lobby can affect your games played afterwards as well. Some of the players who’ve been removed from their lobbies are being treated as if they intentionally disconnected which means that in some instances, they’re blocked from joining another game for a set amount of time after “intentionally disconnecting.”

Until the issue is resolved, there doesn’t appear to be any clear way to get around the problem and play Among Us uninhibited. Even private matches appear to be experiencing the same issue as well, so playing with people you know isn’t a guaranteed that you’ll have a smooth experience either. The developers will likely provide another update as the situation is looked into to share more information on the problem as it’s available.

In the meantime, Among Us players have been quick to use this situation as another opportunity to ask about the new Airship map, though it’s of course neither the time nor place for InnerSloth to impart that sort of information during a server overload. The developers did provide an update of sorts on the map not long ago to say that it was eager to share more information and that the details and the often asked for release date for the map will be shared when the time is right.