Among Us Video Shows What the Game Looked Like Before Launch

Though Among Us players have been waiting to hear more about the game’s future, developer InnerSloth took its reveals a different direction by showing off the game’s past. The creators shared a video this week that showed what a different version of Among Us looked like on the Skeld map when the developers were still working on the game in 2018 before it was released. It’s the latest of a few insights from the developer into the game’s past, and it seems like there are more of those to come.

You can check out that video from InnerSloth below, a look at the game’s past that will likely look quite different to those who only started playing the game after its surge in popularity last year. The core style of Among Us’ artwork remains intact however different other parts of the then vs. now experience may appear.

It wasn’t long ago now that InnerSloth shared a different sort of preview where it showed an early version of one of the game’s available maps before showing how that map had changed. Those are the sorts of “dev stories” the creators want to keep sharing as mentioned in the tweet above, so hopefully we’ll see more of those sorts of stories from them in the future.

In the meantime, players will inevitably still be looking ahead to the future of the game itself. That currently means asking about the game’s new Airship map and when it might be releasing. InnerSloth addressed the topic recently in a sort-of response to the wait for the game’s map where it said it’s excited to share the map’s release date, but only when the opportunity is right for the reveal.

InnerSloth shared a response similar to the Airship answer back in January when players questioned why certain features and updates were taking so long to release amid the game’s meteoric rise in popularity. The developer said then and has repeated before how the team had to shift its focus and priorities back to Among Us which delayed the process of actually working on new content for the game and getting it out quickly.