Apex Legends Features Pathfinder in One of Its Best Lore Videos Yet

Respawn Entertainment put out a new Apex Legends cinematic from its “Stories from the Outlands” series on Tuesday to delve into Pathfinder’s origins. We see Pathfinder’s many jobs from the past as well as his ability to quickly adapt and learn others’ tactics when he needs to incorporate them into his arsenal. The cinematic also appears to have deep connections to other Legends who fight in the Apex Games as well as additional characters that made up the web of Apex Legends’ lore.

You can check out Pathfinders chapter in the Stories from the Outlands series below courtesy of Respawn Entertainment after it was teased earlier in the week. It opens with a narration from a policeman who’s obsessed with catching Dr. Nox – better known as Caustic in the Apex Games – before Pathfinder unwillingly takes out an assailant while working at a restaurant.

From there, Pathfinder’s thrust into a perilous chase that he deals with in a true-to-character fashion. He’s mostly just excited to have a friend and learns from him and their enemies quickly and humorously, but you can’t help but feel bad for the robot at times considering how close he comes to finally learning more about his creators and his purpose.

The “Fight Night” cinematic carries with it some connections to Pathfinder’s gameplay from Apex Legends. After being chased by Spectres and watching them use grappling hooks, we see where Pathfinder’s affinity for the tool came from and how he was later able to incorporate those into his kit. Given how quickly he picked up on hand-to-hand combat from watching his new friend who had a background in boxing, his Heirloom that consists of a pair of boxing gloves now makes much more sense.

As for the story implications of the Pathfinder video, Apex Legends lore buffs should have a field day tearing the video apart frame by frame to catch any relevant details. The policeman Pathfinder befriends was apparently friends with Forge, the legendary fighter who was killed by Revenant, and he’s been tracking Caustic for a long time. Through Pathfinder’s memories accessed when looking through his files, we see that Pathfinder was present during key moments in the universe’s backstory including the destruction of the planet Typhon and a Revenant attack that looks a whole lot like the one involving Loba’s parents.


Perhaps most interesting of all is the key moment from his memories where a character who goes by Dr. Amelie P. speaks to him while saying “we made you” which confirms she was one of the people responsible for his creation. Her French accent and her last name’s initial could connect her to Wattson who’s real name is Natalie Paquette which would suggest a relation of Wattson – possibly her mother – was responsible for Pathfinder.

It’ll take time for people to figure out everything we can from the new Apex Legends cinematic, but until then, we can appreciate it as one of the most thorough and entertaining ones we’ve seen yet.