Apex Legends Reveals Season 10 Trailer, Seer Abilities

Electronic Arts followed up its Apex Legends reveal of Season 10’s Legend with a new trailer for [...]

Electronic Arts followed up its Apex Legends reveal of Season 10's Legend with a new trailer for the season released this week alongside details on the character's abilities. The trailer released during the EA Play Live event on Thursday shows a cinematic experience not too unlike the previews we've gotten before past seasons along with the Legend, Seer, showing off his moves. The Legend and everything else included in the new season will be released when Apex Legends: Emergence releases on August 3rd.

That trailer can be seen below with Seer bringing the signature dramatic flair associated with new Legends when they come to the game. Alongside the trailer, Respawn Entertainment's Apex Legends game director Chad Grenier took the stage at EA Play Live to talk about Seer's abilities.

Like Bloodhound, Seer is a tracker that excels at finding enemies. He has a heartbeat sensor for his Passive that allows him to find enemies nearby when he's looking down his sights, and through his Tactical ability, he can deploy small drones which similarly allow him to spot enemies. His Ultimate once again focuses on his tracking capabilities by deploying a dome of drones that tracks enemies that rush through the dome's area of effect.

"If you think you've located them, you can use your Tactical, which sends out some of those drones out of your chest and will actually reveal and track the enemy's location," Grenier said during the event. "The Ultimate is really powerful, especially in certain gameplay situations. You can send out hundreds of microdrones and create a sphere around an area that you choose and all enemies that are moving quickly through that space are tracked."

Grenier added that if you're up against a Seer and you're walking through the dome slowly, you won't get detected. Those who run will be spotted, however, so his Ultimate ability will likely people to respond to him differently from other trackers unless they want to get spotted.

Alongside Seer, the new season will introduce an updated version of World's Edge as well as the Rampage LMG, a weapon designed by Rampart herself. For those who've been active in the game's Arenas mode since it was released, you'll also be able to climb the ranks there, too, through the addition of Ranked Arenas.

Apex Legends: Emergence launches on August 3rd.