Apex Legends Teaser May Be Hinting at a Season 5 Legend

Another Apex Legends teaser was shared this week ahead of the start of Season 5, and this one might just be hinting at a new Legend coming to the game in a few weeks. It shows an email conversation that we’ve seen before where two different parties are discussing Revenant, the resident bad boy of the Apex Games who takes great enjoyment in exterminating “skinbags,” but there’s something more to the teaser this time. It appears that somebody – perhaps Loba, the character most people assume will be the new Legend in Season 5 – is trying to figure out how to kill Revenant.

The teaser was shared by the official Apex Legends Twitter account where we got a look into “Project 617” and some emails pertaining to it. The conversation going on in the email chain between two unnamed parties is clearly about Revenant, the new Legend added in Season 4 who’s referred to here as an “IMMORTAL MURDER ROBOT” who needs to be stopped. This email chain concludes with a reference to “murder competitions” Revenant could be hidden in until the parties figure out a way to stop him. That competition is certainly the Apex Games which explains why Revenant is involved in them at all.

But those bits of the teaser were known already since this same conversation was shared around the time Revenant was revealed. What’s new about this teaser found below is that it’s been zoomed out to show some sticky notes attached to the monitor. These notes question parts of the message like the security system in place in Revenant and the robot’s source code. It appears then that someone is looking through old emails to figure out how to stop Revenant.

Who that someone is can’t be said for certain, but Loba certainly fits in this scenario. She’s the character many are assuming will be added in Season 5 after images of her were datamined to show she looks a whole lot like the young girl whose parents were killed in Revenant’s cinematic. She’s got the motivations to go after Revenant, and as of right now, she’s the leading contender for who this teaser might be referencing beyond Revenant.


Of course, Respawn has already shown that it’s capable of pulling a fast one on players, so perhaps this isn’t Loba at all or perhaps it’ll play out completely differently than people expect. Revenant already killed off Forge, a character which looked to be the next Legend in Season 4, so who’s to say he won’t kill off another character who comes looking for him?

Apex Legends’ Season 5 start date is approaching, so expect more teasers like this one to be shared as we approach the next season’s launch.

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