Arnold Schwarzenegger Invites MrBeast to Work Out With Him

Arnold Schwarzenegger has invited MrBeast to come work out with him. MrBeast is arguably one of the most influential people on the planet right now. He is the most subscribed individual YouTuber out there and has earned that title in a relatively quick fashion. He blew up a handful of years ago with random videos of himself doing incredibly mundane tasks like saying a word over and over again for hours, allowing him to gain attention and money that he could then turn into more interesting, charitable content. He produces content at a really large, expensive scale, making it difficult for anyone to really rival him. In addition to that, he's made a number of brands outside of content creation with fast food and snacks. His reach is quite large and he's even managed to gain the attention of one of the greatest movie stars of all-time.

MrBeast tweeted out about his fitness journey, noting that he was unhappy with his weight and opted to start getting consistent about working out. In just a few months, he's already in pretty good shape, but notes this is not the end of his journey. With that said, it got a lot of attention on social media and attracted the attention of major action star Arnold Schwarzenegger. The Hollywood legend congratulated MrBeast on his progress and encouraged him to continue to inspire other people, as he had with his post. He then extended an invitation for MrBeast to come work out with him if he's ever in Los Angeles. MrBeast graciously accepted and Arnold acknowledged the demand from fans to see it happen.

Of course, this seems like a great piece of content for MrBeast, just waiting to happen. It seems likely that we'll see this come to fruition in the coming weeks, but nothing has been formally confirmed. However, given all the attention it's getting, they'll want to strike while the iron is hot.

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