Battlefield 5's Next-Gen PS5 and Xbox Series X Details Revealed

When PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X release in a few short weeks, Battlefield V will look and run [...]

When PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X release in a few short weeks, Battlefield V will look and run smoother than it does on current consoles. EA Dice released the final content update for the game back in June, but it seems that Battlefield V will feature 4K resolution on the next-gen systems, as well as 60 fps. The news comes from streamer @Jackfrags, who already received an Xbox Series X from Microsoft. The console has been in the hands of multiple streamers and journalists in the video game industry thus far, though it seems that new software is not available to test, just yet.

In the video from @Jackfrags (which can be found linked in the Tweet below), the streamer mentions that Battlefield V's framerate often dropped on Xbox One X. However, in the video, viewers can see that the framerate remains consistent at 4K on Xbox Series X. It's a minor upgrade, but one that should make players quite happy while they wait for news on the next entry in the series!

While the video only shows Battlefield V running on Xbox Series X, it stands to reason that the game will run similarly on PS5, as well. Battlefield V is far from the only game that will see some improvement on the new consoles. That would be very much in keeping with a number of the upgrades that games are seeing on the next-gen systems.

The current console generation saw the concept of "Games as a Service" grow in a very big way, and it seems that a number of gamers will be playing their current favorites on the new systems, as a result. While previous console generations saw a clear distinction between the games released for each system, the PS5 and Xbox Series X will see a lot of players sticking with the games they're currently enjoying, particularly since they'll look and run smoother than ever before.

Battlefield V is now available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the game right here.

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