Battlefield 6 Modes Teased by EA Ahead of Reveal

Battlefield 6 has yet to be officially unveiled, but that isn't stopping EA from hyping the game [...]

Battlefield 6 has yet to be officially unveiled, but that isn't stopping EA from hyping the game up ahead of time! In a new interview with GamesBeat, EA Studios CEO Laura Miele discussed the upcoming game from DICE, and how it will build on previous entries from the series. Miele says the sandbox elements in Battlefield are one of its greatest strengths, and players can look forward to seeing more of that from the next entry in the series. Unfortunately, Miele did not get into anything too specific, but her comments should be of interest to fans of the series.

"It is a sandbox that DICE has always provided players with weapons and vehicles and destruction in the environment. And then these crazy 'only-in-Battlefield' moments happen. This emergent play comes from players," Miele told GamesBeat. "So as you can imagine, taking that strength, and taking that superpower in this franchise and building on that in the future game is definitely part of our strategy. So new modes that are going to be added to the game experience are really in service of this ability that we want to give players to have a bigger impact on their experience."

At this time, it's unclear exactly when EA will pull back the curtain on the game. There have been hints that the game could be revealed soon, as the banners for Battlefield's official Twitter and YouTube accounts have now been changed. These things tend to happen ahead of new announcements, so fans might have more to get excited about in the very near future!

Battlefield V received its final update last summer, so fans are quite eager to learn more about the next iteration in the series. EA DICE has previously confirmed that the game will release this year. Historically, games in the series have released in October or November, and it seems like a safe bet that could be the case for the next game in the series. Until EA provides more information, fans will just have to speculate!

No platforms have been announced for Battlefield 6 as of this writing. Readers can check out our previous coverage of the game right here.

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