Battlefield V Could Feature Crossplay, Other Major Franchises

Cross-platform play has been a huge topic for conversation in gaming for years and most recently kicked back up in full force thanks to Fortnite's rapid-fire success. With DICE's Battlefield V on the horizon, the question was bound to come up sooner or later regarding whether or not the team would consider this move. Naturally the inspiration behind both the question and the studio's answer was in fact Epic Games' infamous Battle Royale title.

During a invetor's call with EA, Vice President of Investor Relations Chris Evenden mentioned, "We're looking at key franchises in terms of how we can deliver cross-platform play in a similar way that Fortnite has, especially some of our titles that have a broad and diverse player base. The ability to bring PC to mobile or mobile to console can bring family and friends together, and we think that's an important part of our future development profile. Expect more from us on that front in the future."

Valve, Nintendo, and Microsoft are all on board but unfortunately, Sony is still throwing on the breaks regarding opening up the game experience even more. With their successful line of PS4 exclusives, the company just doesn't see the need to bridge that gap at this time. Though it is important to mention that many companies - developers and publishers alike - have been putting the pressure more now than ever before, and Sony has started to sway a bit in their cross-platform philosophies.

Battlefield V promises to be the most immersive entry into the franchise to date, with more more inclusive customization than ever before, and thrilling new additions to the game such as Fortifications and Grand Operations. DICE is also going against the recent trend of ditching single-player, honoring player wishes for a continuation of the notorious storytelling they are known for within a historical time period many of didn't experience. All of that and more makes the move into cross-platform play even more desirable than it ever has been and we hope to see that interest grow.

DICE describes the game as, "War will never be the same. Enter mankind's greatest conflict as Battlefield goes back to its roots in a never-before-seen portrayal of World War II. Face intense all-out war and witness human drama set against global combat in epic, unexpected locations. This is Battlefield V. The richest and most immersive Battlefield yet."


As far as the game itself goes, Battlefield V releases on October 19th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.