Borderlands 3 Fan With Terminal Cancer Will Get to Play Early

Borderlands fans were absolutely delighted earlier this year when it was officially revealed that the next installment was indeed in development and that it is arriving later this year. However, after the unveiling of Borderlands 3, one fan by the name of Trevor Eastman took to Reddit in hopes of reaching Gearbox Software and 2K. Why he was doing this is because he has "been a huge fan of Borderlands for a long time now...and I don't know if I'll live to see Borderlands 3," reads his original Reddit post. What Eastman also revealed in the same post is that he has terminal cancer, but according to a recent update, it looks like he'll get to play Borderlands 3 early.

"Hey everyone, I just wanted to give you all that were kind enough to upvote and tweet about my situation an update," he said in a recent Reddit post. "One of the people from 2k has been talking to me(not sure if I'm allowed to say who so I won't mention a name) and he's making it happen. They're flying somebody out at the beginning of June most likely to give me a copy of the game. I just wanted to thank you all so much for helping make this dream come true. It means the world to me that you all cared enough to do that for me."

It's unknown if Eastman will actually be receiving a copy of the game when the 2K rep flies out next month, or if there will be another scenario arranged. Either way, it's great to see the community come together in an effort to get this fan an opportunity to play Borderlands 3 early.

Borderlands 3 is set to arrive on September 13th for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. For even more on the upcoming game here is a snippet from our official preview:


"Borderlands 3 is one of those games that people have been waiting on for so long that it seems as though it might be impossible to match the community’s excitement for it," reads the opening of the preview. "People might find themselves worrying that the character’s quips and asides will fall short after years of the same humor or that the loot-heavy genre is too crowded now for a new Borderlands game. But after playing some of Borderlands 3 during Gearbox’s first big gameplay event, it was a relief to see that there’s no need for these concerns. Borderlands is back in full force, feels just as familiar as ever, has still found ways to update its systems, and comes prepared to reclaim its place at the top of the looter-shooter hill."

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