'Call of Duty: WWII' Adds a New Division

Call of Duty: WWII has added a new Division in an update that’s now gone live for all [...]

Call of Duty: WWII has added a new Division in an update that's now gone live for all platforms.

Last week, Sledgehammer Games teased Call of Duty: WWII players with a teaser of the update to come. Sharing limited information through a community post, the announcement said that a new Division would be added alongside the release of the game's latest DLC that's now available for PlayStation 4 players. Detailed Monday through patch notes shared on the game's subreddit, the new Division that players can now use is called Commando.

With an ability to engage in combat quicker than any other Division and faster health regeneration, the Commando brings the following abilities to Call of Duty: WWII, according to Sledgehammer Games.

"Commandos are versatile, self-sufficient soldiers that excel at capitalizing on an advantage. Equipped with a personal Paratrooper Insert, combatants in this new division can drop into battle from the skies, either landing behind enemy lines or right next to the objective. On top of their ability to get into the action faster than any other division, Commandos boast a variety of benefits that are activated when they perform well. Not only do they regenerate health quicker, but killing an enemy soldier instantly activates health regeneration, allowing the Commando to get into the next fight even sooner. On top of that, multikills and headshots grant additional score as well as ammo. Playing as a Commando can give you the upper hand when fighting a group of enemies, but only if you're able to keep these abilities active. Finally, Commandos of the highest rank can equip two Basic Trainings at all times. With the flexibility of two Basic Trainings, the ability to take down enemy after enemy without pause, and access to the powerful utility of Paratrooper Insert, Commandos are a force to be reckoned with in any map or mode."

With the Commando Division able to use more than one Basic Training, Sledgehammer Games also gave players two more Basic Trainings to pick from. One of them called "Remedy" amplifies the Commando's innate strengths even further by providing quicker health regeneration to its users. The second that's called "Catalyst" gives access to a performance-enhancing serum.

"Gain access to a special serum that can be used in battle to increase weapon handling for a short time," the Basic Training's description said. "The serum regenerates over time, so save it for the most pivotal moments in a match."

The latest Call of Duty: WWII update is now live.