Here's Footage From A Pitched Star Wars Space Combat Game That Never Came To Be

Star Wars: Battlefront II has its fair share of fans out there, but also its equal share of critics who think it could've been so much more. Meanwhile, we're wondering about games that never came to be.

One of our writers made note of several Star Wars games that never came to light, but now another one has joined the fray – an open-world Star Wars game comprised of outer space battles. Oh, what could've been…

Double Damage, the team behind the cult classic Rebel Galaxy, put the pitch together for Electronic Arts back in 2016, suggesting the kind of space combat we haven't seen since the old days of Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter – or the space battles in the Battlefront series, if you need something more current.

The video can be seen above, and it looks quite appealing, featuring the Millennium Falcon and other space vehicles in the heat of battle against a variety of targets.

"This was back in 2016, and we pitched a modernized take on X-Wing with all the classic bits," said Double Damage's Travis Baldree, speaking with Kotaku. They were trying to build a campaign around the idea, utilizing the classic space combat play that some LucasArts games grew up with.

"It was a long shot, and we had near-nil hopes that it would be seriously considered, but we probably did it to please ourselves rather than out of any hope that it would get greenlit."

The company worked on it for approximately two to three weeks, "cobbled together from a variety of sources." Alas, "EA was very gracious in listening, but it never came to anything, and we moved on."


EA has been cautious with its Star Wars franchise over the past few years, even going as far as to cancel the ambitious adventure that was being developed by Visceral Games, with the studio closing shortly thereafter. But, yeah, we couldn't help but think what would've happened if this game saw fruition – especially with the ship-changing abilities that are suggested around 2:25 into the video. Be sure to check it out above.

Meanwhile, Star Wars: Battlefront II is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.