Critical Role Launches New Monthly Show

Critical Role has launched a new monthly show on their YouTube channel, which highlights various parts of the RPG community. The first episode of Critter Hug, featuring Matthew Mercer and Mica Burton as hosts, went live today on Critical Role's YouTube channel. The show's title is a joking play on the "Critter Hug of Death," a phenomenon that tends to occur to small businesses and creators when one of their products gets featured on Critical Role and gets tons of new traffic and sales. The new show is a spotlight on some of the many games, people, and stores that make the tabletop gaming industry such a wonderful place. The first episode features spotlights on the indie RPG Laser Kittens, the Queens of Adventure podcast, a Critical Role rap battle video by Hollaback Nerds, and the Funkatronic Rex Games & More store in Phoenix, AZ.

Critical Role is a popular Dungeons & Dragons live show featuring a group of voice actors playing D&D. The show launched in 2015 on Geek & Sundry, but has since spun out into its own studio and YouTube channel featuring multiple weekly and monthly shows. While the main Critical Role weekly show is on hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the studio and production team has remained busy by pumping out new content. In addition to re-airing older episodes of the beloved Dungeons & Dragons liveplay show, the Critical Role team has aired new programs like Narrative Telephone (featuring the cast of the show re-telling a story to each other and watching it get slowly distorted over time), AWNP: Unplugged featuring Sam Riegel and Liam O'Brien and Yee-Haw Off the Ranch featuring Ashley Johnson and Brian W. Foster as they play through various video games with commentary.

New episodes of Critter Hug will air on the first Monday of every month. You can check out other Critical Role content on their YouTube page.

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