Dead by Daylight Funko Pops Are Coming

Dead by Daylight will be one of the latest pop culture properties to get its own line of Funko Pop [...]

Dead by Daylight will be one of the latest pop culture properties to get its own line of Funko Pop collectibles according to the game's creators. Behaviour Interactive dropped the news about the Funko plans during the game's big anniversary stream, but considering how many people probably tuned in to see what the Resident Evil content would look like and didn't stick around for the full event, there's a good chance viewers may have overlooked the Funko news.

To make sure that announcement was highlighted for any such as yours truly who watched plenty of the stream but didn't catch this one particular bit of news, the Dead by Daylight Twitter account highlighted the Funko segment of the event. Mathieu Côté, the game director for Dead by Daylight who hosted the stream, shouted out the Funko news as one final tease before the stream came to a close. The video from the Dead by Daylight creators featured a couple of its content creators known as "Fog Whisperers" as well were pretty excited about the announcement.

If you're thinking you've already seen Dead by Daylight collectibles in the past, you'd be correct. The game's gotten collectible statues and similar items like Nendoroids, but it hasn't yet had a Funko deal, so the new Funko Pops will be yet another type of collectible for Dead by Daylight players to hunt for.

As for the Dead by Daylight characters that might get turned into Funko Pops, the game has no shortage of Killers and Survivors to choose from. It's got a mix of original and licensed characters, but it's probably a safe bet to assume that at least the initial line of Funko Pops will be based on the original content since there are other licenses at play beyond Behaviour's alone.

Killers like The Trapper and The Hillbilly who've been around since the start of the game seem like prime candidates for Funko figures, but some of the newer Killers like The Trickster have become quite popular, too. Survivors aren't typically as involved as the Killers, but it seems likely we'll get Funkos for some of the most popular Survivors as well.

A release timeframe for the Dead by Daylight Funko Pops was not announced during the stream.