New Dead by Daylight Collectible Is an Incredibly Detailed Trapper Statue

Dead by Daylight players have a new collectible to consider for their collection now that the Trapper statue is available to order. This 1/6 scale statue from Gecco Corp. immortalizes one of the game’s first Killers in an incredibly detailed piece that comes with the Killer’s signature tools as well as his creepy mask. It’s got a price tag to match the details, and it’s expected to be in collectors’ hands this summer if you’re a Trapper player who wants one.

Gecco showed off the new Trapper statue this week with a series of pictures that showed the Killer from different angles. We get a view of his profile showing the twisted mask affixed to his disfigured face, a wide shot of him with his weapons of choice, a view from the back that shows Survivors’ scratch marks on a wall just like you’d find in Dead by Daylight, and a close-up to show the mangled body of the Trapper.

You can see those images below, and the Gecco site where you can purchase the figure has many more there if those aren’t enough.

“The hand carved innumerable scars all over the muscular and massive body are a impressive and grisly sight,” a description of the statue reads. “Underneath the skin’s surface layers of muscle and fat are clearly visible and expertly sculpted. The face inside the mask while unable to be seen in the game is elaborately recreated here in this statue. We dare you to peek behind the tiny gaps.”


The statue’s eyes feature LEDs that glow white, but you can switch them to red if you want to recreate a scene where the Trapper is in pursuit of a Survivor. Props that come with the statue include the Trapper’s cleaver and the bear traps he uses in the game. Eagle-eyed Dead by Daylight players may also recognize that the brick wall the character has his back to is meant to be part of the MacMillan Estate, the map that’s associated with the Killer.

Gecco’s Trapper statue is available to order now for $359.99, and you can expect it to be released between July and August.