Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid To Add Challenge Modes

Destiny 2 is currently out for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players, and already Guardians are on the field taking on new challenges such as the recent Leviathan raid. Since the raid's release, there have been many accomplishments had, including one team beating an integral part of the event with only a two-player fireteam. But as more and more players continue to overcome the challenges within these new events, Bungie seeks to make them even more of a feat. That evolution begins with the implementation of the Prestige Difficulty.

The Prestige Difficulty will be adding specific challenges for the four major portions of Leviathan. The news of the upcoming challenges came from a recent database update that showed off five brand new emblems, one of which is thought to be the reward for successfully completing the raid on the newest difficulty called 'Glory to the Emperor'.

(Photo: Destinypedia)

There are no concrete details at this time regarding the new challenges, but it would make sense that they will be on the weekly rotation alongside the Reset schedule put in place by Bungie. With new difficulties usually comes new top-tier rewards, and those event-centered drops will likely reset alongside everything else every Tuesday at 02:00 PT.

As far as the four challenges themselves within the Leviathan raid, mums the word, though there has been some speculation as far as what they will entail. Some think that the Gauntlet will feature a challenge outside of the outer ring, versus the individual two-player task set in place currently.

Though details are sparse, the Prestige Difficulty will be unveiled soon and Guardians will get their chance shortly to prove their worth. One thing is for sure though, it will definitely make an already difficult event infinitely more so. With such a high focus on teamwork in the Destiny sequel, it is almost guaranteed that whatever the changes may bring; it will encourage online players to work together.


Destiny 2 is out now for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, with a PC release slated for October 4th.