Dr Disrespect Teases Another WWE Appearance

The Twitch streamer Guy “Dr Disrespect” Beahm appears to be setting up another WWE appearance based on the latest teaser video he shared this week. He’s looking for someone, though like the last time he appeared during a WWE program, we don’t yet know who that person is. People have an idea of who he’s looking for, but we’ll hopefully get definitive answers to that question and more soon whenever more is revealed about the apparent WWE crossover.

WWE’s The Bump, a weekly morning show organized by the network, tweeted about Dr Disrespect this week while sharing a video of the streamer. The tweet asked why the streamer was making an appearance and who he was looking for, but we currently don’t have answers for either.

You can see that video below which was later retweeted by Dr Disrespect. If you’re familiar with the streamer’s productions, you’ll know this sort of scene is seen often enough during his streams. What makes it different this time is that he directly mentions the WWE, and the fact that he’s in his car shows that he’s on the move, possibly towards whoever he’s looking for.

“WWE … I’m still looking for someone,” the streamer said in the video before a long pause. “And I will find ‘em. I will find ‘em.”

So, who might the streamer be looking for? The prevalent theory from those invested in this crossover story is that he’s looking for WWE Superstar Xavier Woods. The wrestler also goes by Austin Creed and runs the UpUpDownDown YouTube channel that’s all about gaming, so the connection between the two is close enough to warrant speculation that the Superstar might be Dr Disrespect’s target.


Those who frequent WWE’s shows or Dr Disrespect’s streams may recall that this isn’t the first time we’ve seen the streamer make an appearance on an official WWE program. During the video shown above which showed a preview of a SmackDown event from October 2019, Dr Disrespect crashes the start of the show. He said then that he was looking for someone, but he of course didn’t give any indication of who that person might be.

People are speculating now about where we might see Dr Disrespect appear, but we don’t know for sure yet. Expect more teases and eventually an announcement to come in the future.

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