Dr Disrespect Roasts Valorant in the Best Way Imaginable (NSFW)

Like every streamer on Twitch, Dr Disrespect has been streaming a ton of Valorant, an upcoming free-to-play first-person shooter developed by Riot Games, the makers of League of Legends. However, unlike most streamers, Dr Disrespect has not been enjoying his time with the game, which is currently in beta. According to the Two-Time, he hates it, but he's also addicted to it, which means he can't stop playing it, no matter how painful it gets and no matter how many outbursts he has while playing it. That all said, during a stream of the multiplayer game, Dr Disrespect roasted the title in the best way possible.

As you will know if you've seen Dr Disrespect stream the game, the biggest problem he has with it is its lack of speed and movement. It's a very slow, deliberate game, which is the opposite of what the Doc prefers. He prefers violence, speed, and momentum. This isn't Valorant. Exasperating this issue is the fact that the animations are a bit stiff in the game. The combination of these two things have left Dr Dispresct furious on more than one occasion, which in turn has lead to the streamer roasting these aspects of the game in pretty hilarious fashion.

"You got to sit like a f*****g statue to shoot this f*****g weapon," yelled the Doc after coming out second in an encounter. This was followed up by the streamer poking fun at the bunny hopping in the game by, literally, bunny hopping around the room (13:01:40).

This wasn't the only time the streamer got up out of his chair to roast how the game looks, he also did it for the game's running animations, which are admittedly not that great (8:26:00).


Beyond this, Dr Disrespect has blasted the game for being a snoozefest, and has even taken aim at all of its players (16:39:41 and 09:08:20).

Of course, as long as Valorant remains as popular as it is right now, there's a good chance the Doc will be streaming much more of it in the future. That said, if the relationship between the two is this rough already, it's hard to imagine the crazy rage moments the pair will produce in the future.

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