Dragon Age 2's Fenris Voice Actor Performs Comic Dialogue

Dragon Age II might not be held up as the best of the series, but it did introduce several [...]

Dragon Age II might not be held up as the best of the series, but it did introduce several fan-favorite characters into the franchise. That certainly includes the mage hunting elf known as Fenris, who has since returned to prominence thanks to Dark Horse Comics' new comic series Dragon Age: Blue Wraith. Fans have really enjoyed seeing the character back in the mix, and recently @GrimSister21 asked original Fenris voice actor Gideon Emery if he would read some specific dialogue from the comic in Fenris' trademark voice, and thankfully he was happy to oblige in this new video.

The video, which can be seen below, has Emery reading a panel from the comics that has Fenris meeting the group's Mabari, who they are using to track someone else down. He bends down to greet him and says the following, which sounds amazing coming from Emery, and takes you all the way back to Dragon Age II instantly.

"I have no doubt that she can do this. I have long admired the strength--and skill--of the Mabari,' Emery reads. "And you appear to be a very good girl. Yes you are. Yes, you certainly are. Aren't you, you slobbering beauty."

That last line especially is amazing, and now all we want to do is go and play Dragon Age II. Also, can someone get him to read the whole thing for the audiobook version because we'd buy that in a second.

Dragon Age: Blue Wraith #2 is written by Nunzio DeFilippis and Christina Weir and is drawn by Fernando Heinz Furukawa and colored by Michael Atiyeh. The official description for issue #2 can be found below.

"The Inquisition has sent some of its best agents on a mission of dire importance—steal back a powerful Tevinter relic before it can be used to unleash chaos across the land. If they are lucky, they can recruit Fenris—the Blue Wraith—whose vendetta against his former master has put him on a similar path."

Dragon Age: Blue Wraith #2 is in comic stores now.

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