Is Dungeons & Dragons Teasing a New Eberron Book?

A curious choice by Dungeons & Dragons' social media has some fans wondering if next week's announcement is set in the world of Eberron. Yesterday evening, Dungeons & Dragons changed their Facebook and Twitter profile photos to a new stylized ampersand featuring a clockwork gear. The clockwork gear is a symbol for Eberron, one of the game's newer campaign settings, and some believe the logo to be a tease of next week's new book announcement. Another clue comes from the red background of the logo, which matches the red skies used in the alternate cover for Eberron: Rising of the Last War, an Eberron sourcebook released last November. You can check out the logo below:

eberron logo
(Photo: Wizards of the Coast)

Dungeons & Dragons has a tendency of changing its logos on social media to support new products - its previous logo was made to support last fall's Baldur's Gate: Descent Into Avernus book.

With the exception of the Curse of Strahd adventure, Dungeons & Dragons has stuck to its tried and true Forgotten Realms campaign setting, which uses many popular fantasy tropes, or with "setting-agnostic" books that can be used in any setting. However, the release of sourcebooks for Eberron (a steampunk/noir world that breaks many standard fantasy stereotypes) and the Magic: The Gathering world of Ravnica seems to indicate that Dungeons & Dragons is willing to provide material for other worlds. And since Eberron: Rising of the Last War did come out last November, it would make sense to pair a campaign setting book with an adventure (or more likely, an anthology of adventures similar to last year's Ghosts of Saltmarsh) to better support that world.


Of course, changing some logos on social media isn't a guarantee of what's to come. Dungeons & Dragons changed its header photo to an animated picture from Eberron: Rising From the Last War, and is also rolling out some new Adventurer's League content set in Eberron. The logo change could just be a late promotion of its Eberron book, but the timing does seem to be a little suspect, as their marketing folks have to know that excitement is high about the next book.

We'll find out for certain what's next for Dungeons & Dragons on Monday, January 13th. Stay tuned to for full D&D coverage!