Hasbro CEO Teases Big Dungeons & Dragons Announcement

Hasbro's CEO stated that we could learn about the future plans for Dungeons & Dragons in just a few days. Hasbro hosted its quarterly earnings call on February 11th, and Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner had high praise about Dungeons & Dragons, which Hasbro owns through Wizards of the Coast. Not only did Dungeons & Dragons see a sixth straight year of revenue growth, but D&D and Magic: The Gathering are also projected to help Wizards double their overall revenue from 2018 to 2023. Beyond just another strong year of sales, Goldner also teased that Wizards of the Coast would announce some big plans for Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: The Gathering in the very near future. "We look forward to sharing our 2020 new gaming plans for Magic and D&D on February 21," Goldner said on the phone call.

It's unclear whether Goldner is referring to new Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition products, or perhaps some new tie-in games or products. With the growth of the D&D brand as a whole, Wizards of the Coast has worked on a ton of tie-in products, ranging from new D&D board games and box sets to several new video games. It's possible that Goldner is referring to a non-Dungeons & Dragons TTRPG announcement, or it could be related to some upcoming 5E product. We'll note that the phone call mentioned the February 21st date in conjunction with upcoming digital plans, so this could be related to an upcoming game or some sort of expanded digital presence.

Dungeons & Dragons does seem to be subtly be building towards some big announcement. Not only has the D&D team released a ton of public playtest material in recent months, they also added a new newsletter to keep fans informed of new product and have made some changes to their website to differentiate their tabletop RPG resources from other non-tabletop RPG material. This could be a sign that D&D is getting ready to expand their brand in a new direction.

Whatever it is, mark February 21st on your calendar. We'll see what Wizards of the Coast has to share about the future of Dungeons & Dragons then.