Dungeons & Dragons Adds Unity Domain Cleric in Official Unearthed Arcana Release

Dungeons & Dragons officially released its newest batch of Unearthed Arcana content with an updated version of its newest Cleric subclass. Earlier this week, ComicBook.com reported that Dungeons & Dragons had posted its latest Unearthed Arcana playtest, albeit without publicity or hype. After publication, ComicBook.com learned that the playtest had actually been discovered by an overenthusiastic fan, and Dungeons & Dragons pulled the playtest material from public view. Now, that content is back, although one of the subclasses has received a dramatic overhaul. What was once called the Love Domain for Clerics is now the Unity Domain, with an updated list of spells and a revised Channel Divinity ability.

Although the Love Domain Cleric was perfectly timed for the upcoming Valentine's Day holiday, it did have a problematic aspect to it. The cleric's Channel Divinity ability allowed it to temporarily cause infatuation in another creature, forcing them to make an attack against a target of the cleric's choosing. This raised some serious consent issues and felt out of place for a domain built around creating willing bonds between allies.

The Unity Domain cleric's Channel Divinity ability is much cooler. When a player takes damage, the Unity Cleric can choose to distribute that damage among a number of willing allies within 30 feet of each other. This allows the cleric to stave off otherwise deadly attacks on an ally by sharing the burden between party members. The Unity Domain cleric's spell list was also changed - all of the charm spells found on the Love Domain cleric's spell list was swapped out with new spells.

Both the Clockwork Soul Sorcerer subclass and the College of Creation Bard subclass also got some changes. The Clockwork Soul Sorcerer got a huge upgrade in its spell list, giving it a ton of useful spells. This comes at the cost of its Restore Balance feature, which now only negates throws made with disadvantage or advantage. Meanwhile, the College of Creation Bard's Note of Inspiration got tweaked a bit, and gave it access to the Animating Performance ability at a much lower level.


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