Tasha Comes to Life in Stunning Dungeons & Dragons Cosplay

The title character of Dungeons & Dragons' next book has come to life thanks to a stunning cosplay. Earlier today, Ginny Di revealed that Wizards of the Coast had hired her to make a cosplay outfit of Tasha, the title character of the upcoming book Tasha's Cauldron of Everything. Tasha is a storied Dungeons & Dragons character, having first appeared as Iggwilv in the 1982 adventure The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth as a powerful arch-mage with ties to the demon lord Graz'zt. Eventually, Wizards of the Coast revealed that the powerful Iggwilv was also the adopted daughter of Baba Yaga and the creator of several early D&D spells under the name Tasha, a member of the Company of Seven. While traditionally depicted as a more antagonistic and evil character, Tasha's Cauldron of Everything plans to reinterpret her as a "true neutral" character, with her allegiances shifting based on her current motivations and desires.

Because there's little "official" art of Tasha that exists, Ginny designed the costume based on her depiction on the cover of Tasha's Cauldron of Everything, using concept art as a further reference. The cosplayer (who also recently did a phenomenal gelatinous cube cosplay) made the costume by hand, using 3D printed accessories to make sure that some of the details were correct. The final results can be seen below.


If you want to check out the full costume-making process, be sure to check out Ginny's full YouTube video. Di's other work (she's known for her fantastic Critical Role and fantasy cosplay) can be found on her website, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.