EA's Knockout City Is Getting a 10-Day Free Trial

Knockout City, the dodgeball-focused game from Electronic Arts, is releasing soon on May 21st with a celebration planned to welcome the game to players' systems. That celebration will take the form of a Block Party set in KO City with an event schedule set up for that including things like Twitch streams, cosmetics, and more. For those wondering if they should give Knockout City a shot, one of the most attractive offers in the Block Party schedule is the 10-day free trial offer that'll run throughout the duration of the event.

Compared to other free trials that just offer players a look at a sliver of the game, the one for Knockout City seems a bit more comprehensive in what it offers. EA said it'll give players access to the full game with no barriers to run into, so it sounds like you'll have 10 days of uninhibited gameplay to check things out.

"This isn't some level-capped, red-tape teaser with gated access, either," EA said about the trial. "You'll have the full game at your disposal—which is good, because you'll want to try out all the new Contracts, Playlists, and content we're releasing at launch without worrying about hitting an invisible barrier."

If you like what you see during the free trial, you'll be able to get some Knockout City extra if you opt to purchase the full game. The only catch with that is that you have to buy the game during the Block Party event to get the extra cosmetics, but you'll at least have 10 days to figure out what you want to do assuming you get in on the trial at the beginning.


Knockout City's free trial event is scheduled to begin on May 21st whenever the game launches with the event continuing for 10 days afterwards.