Elden Ring Reveal Reportedly Confirmed for Summer Game Fest

At long last, it looks like we're finally going to see Elden Ring re-emerge for the first time since 2019. Following a series of rumors and reports just a few days ago that indicated the game would be appearing next week at Summer Game Fest, it looks like we've now received even further clarity that the title will indeed be showing up at this time. In fact, Summer Game Fest host and producer Geoff Keighley seems to have even acknowledged in an off-hand manner that Elden Ring will be revealed within the coming week.

News of Elden Ring popping up at Summer Game Fest comes again by way of reporter Jeff Grubb. During a recent stream, Grubb was asked by viewers about whether or not FromSoftware's latest action game would finally be showing up in some capacity over the course of the next few weeks. In turn, Grubb opted to be incredibly straightforward and simply said, "Keighley has it." To be specific, this indicates that Elden Ring was a reveal that Keighley snagged for his Summer Game Fest showcase, which is planned to transpire on June 10.

When it comes to Keighley's acknowledgment of these rumors, just last night he posted a GIF on Twitter that contained the caption, "I will break free!" While this might not make a ton of sense in a vacuum, the tweet is seemingly meant to call back to a viral post from late 2020 that said Keighley was being put in "gamer prison" for not showing Elden Ring footage during The Game Awards. Clearly, Keighley is teasing that he'll soon be getting out of this "prison" due to the fact that he'll be showing off the game this coming week.

Although we have heard many times before that Elden Ring might appear at one venue or another, this really seems like the first time in which the litany of reports and rumors that have circled will come true. So while I would caution you to not get that excited until we actually see Elden Ring gameplay in front of our faces, this seems like a reveal that will almost certainly be happening at Summer Game Fest.


When Summer Game Fest does begin this coming Thursday, we'll be sure to share all of the news from the event with you here on ComicBook.com as it transpires. In the interim, if you'd like to keep an eye on all of our future Elden Ring coverage, you can follow along right here.