Rare's Everwild Gets New Trailer at Xbox Showcase

Few studios can capture the imagination like Rare, and their latest game seeks to continue that trend. The title known as Everwild was previously revealed at Microsoft's XO19 event in London, though we finally got a much better look at the anticipated title at today's Xbox event. Everwild takes players through a gorgeous and magical world filled with a variety of lovable and not so lovable creatures, though previously no one really knew how you would be interacting with them or what the main gameplay loop was. Unfortunately, the new trailer doesn't exactly answer those questions, though you can get a greater sense of the story and characters you'll find in the game by watching the stunning trailer in the video above.

The setting is stunning, and Rare's gone for a very stylized look for the characters and graphics. We get a taste of that in the new footage, which shows how inventive the creature designs are, and it seems you can have direct interaction with the creatures aside from just fighting them or avoiding them.

We see the people of this place working alongside them to pull down trees or manipulate the environment, but the trailer makes it clear only a few can do this, so we'll have to wait and see how those mechanics actually work.

As for how this will compare to Rare's previous game, Sea of Thieves, that remains to be seen, but it does seem like there will be similarities. This world is made to explore and get lost in, much like their previous title, and that game presented the locale and objects in the world for players to interact with as they crafted their own adventures.


Everwild could be in the same vein, but knowing Rare, they aren't just going to do the same old thing, so odds are there are a few twists to that formula in store for players.

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