This Fall Guys Crossover with Pokemon Looks Like a Perfect Fit

Fall Guys crossover ideas already seem to be infinite with how many pitches we’ve seen from brands and fans alike, but a new crossover concept shared online that combines Pokemon and Fall Guys just might be one of the best ones yet. It turns the tiny bean people of Fall Guys into Pikachu complete with the tails and ears like many of the Fall Guys outfits have, and it comes from the well-known artist BossLogic. While Pikachu is a great idea in its own, the greater potential from this crossover idea comes from the sheer number of Pokemon outfits Fall Guys could contain.

The concept below was shared by BossLogic across the artist’s social media pages this morning. It showed one of the glossy-eyed jelly bean people of Fall Guys wearing a Pikachu suit with the artist saying that he just might’ve started playing Fall Guys recently.

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I may have started playing #fallguys

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If you’ve started playing Fall Guys, you’ll know that the outfits you can pick from come in multiple parts including bottoms, tops, colors, and faceplates. With the tails and the ears as well as the details on both halves, Pikachu makes for a pretty natural looking crossover idea since you could easily combine the two to form the whole look or mix and match to create your own Pikachu hybrid. The yellow faceplate is one of the unlocks you’ll get early on in the seasonal tiers of rewards, so completing the look that way wouldn’t be hard at all. It doesn’t have to stop at Pikachu either. Just think of how many Pokemon are out there and you’ll see how many crossover outfits we could see in Fall Guys.

Of course, there are some extra hurdles to this idea in addition to the logistics of pulling off a crossover between games and franchises in the first place. For one, Fall Guys isn’t even on the Nintendo Switch since it’s only on the PlayStation 4 and PC platforms. The idea of having Pokemon divided up into halves and leaving players to form their own hybrid creations with other outfit options wouldn’t accurately represent Pokemon too well either, so it seems like a hard sell even if it’d be a natural fit for a game like Fall Guys.

But even if Pokemon’s probably never going to happen, we’ve still got plenty of other options as we’ve seen in the past few weeks. Mediatonic and Devolver Digital do seem open to Fall Guys collabs, so perhaps we’ll see some of the ideas come to fruition in the future.