Konami Pitches Metal Gear Outfits for Fall Guys

Not to be left behind by others pitching their ideas for Fall Guys crossovers, Konami UK has put forward its own suggestion: Metal Gear costumes in the battle royale game show game. The Konami UK Twitter account shared online an image of three different outfits inspired by Metal Gear, but instead of them being on elite soldiers, they were put on tiny bean people like you’d see in Fall Guys. The crossover idea is one of many we’ve seen, though there’s of course no guarantee we’ll ever actually see something like this happen.

Konami’s idea for new Fall Guys outfits can be seen below courtesy of the Konami UK Twitter account. Three different tactical attires were included in the pitch to give Fall Guys players some options to pick their favorites from.

The idea was acknowledged and retweeted by the official Fall Guys Twitter account, but if you’ve been following the active social media channel, you’ll know that this is far from the first crossover idea we’ve seen. Companies and individuals alike have pitched their own ideas for Fall Guys crossovers by creating concepts, many of which were acknowledged by the Fall Guys account.

A crossover between Fall Guys and Cyberpunk 2077 was one of the first ideas that started gaining traction. We haven’t seen any results from the crossover ideas yet which isn’t too surprising since the game just launched not long ago, but there are no shortage of ideas to pursue should Devolver Digital and Mediatonic be interested.


Fall Guys also just shared word of the first big update that’s releasing for the game soon. It’s scheduled to release on Wednesday, and with it will come a new level that beta players may recall. It looks like it’ll be one of the final levels, so between your tail grabs and mountain climbs and walks across hexagons, you’ll have a new mode to face at the end of rounds. That new level is being accompanied by an update that includes fixes for bugs and some other changes also planned for a Wednesday release.