'Fallout 76' Meets 'Fallout 4' With This Chaotic Mod

With Fallout 76 on the horizon, many players are satisfying that Wasteland craving by playing previous games in the Fallout franchise. For those that just can't wait, we've got the perfect mod that blends the world of Fallout 4 with the open-world mechanics of Fallout 76 - with some synths thrown in.

According to the creator of the new 'Fallout 4-76' mod, "Fallout 4-76 transforms the Commonwealth into an open world with all areas unlocked and no human NPCs for a quest free land of scavenging opportunity. Options to replace all humans with nothing/ferals/synths, rescue new settlers, spawn stalkers to grief you, dodge loot coughing nukes randomly launched at you."

Originally this project was solely meant to be exploratory, but later evolved into an 'I Am Legend' sort of narrative. The creator explained, "This mod started as an exploration of some of the likely Fallout 76 game play mechanics in the Fallout 4 Commonwealth, evolving into an empty open world to build dynamic systems that deliver unpredictable experiences, just like fallout 76 should do. When you have done every quest and NPC dialogue to death, but still want to spend time in the Fallout 4 world ... try rebuilding the Commonwealth whilst I AM LEGEND feral hunting."

There are three modes available:

  • Empty World: A human extinction event has occurred.
  • Feral World: The t-virus has crossed franchises, mutating irradiated human DNA into feral.
  • Synth World: Skynet controls old model hunter/killer synths, exterminating all humans.

The base game scripts are completely untouched and stats are safe as well, which seems to be a major concern for those in the forums for this projec. This simply opens up the mechanics and replaces the Human NPCs with ferals and synths - which, OK - holy crap, yes please!

The mod itself is really easy to install and configure. If you want to download the Fallout 4-76 experience, you can check out the official Nexus Mods listing right here! Feel free to also check out our Fallout Community Hub for other amazing mod projects and Fallout 76 news!

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