In Far Cry 5 Your Dog Companion Boomer is Invincible Thanks to the Power of Tummy Rubs

In Far Cry 5 you have a dog companion named Boomer. Boomer is cute. And Boomer is also invincible [...]

In Far Cry 5 you have a dog companion named Boomer. Boomer is cute. And Boomer is also invincible thanks to the power of tummy rubs.

That's right, because Ubisoft isn't evil, your faithful canine companion will not die. Ever. And if he gets hurt during battle or gets taken down by a punk-ass bear, all you have to do is pat him and – boom – good as new.

Oddly enough you don't have to pet Boomer for him to feel better, just pat him on his side like you're burping him, or simply just reminding him that he's God-tier, and invincible.

For those that don't know: Boomer is one of many characters you can recruit to aid you in Far Cry 5. Apart of the "Fangs for Hire" system, you can recruit multiple animal denizens of Hope County to fight cultists and cause open-world chaos.

Boomer specifically can scout areas, tag enemies, and lunges into action when confronted by enemies with his tearing set of canines. He can also yank weapons away from enemies and bring them to you, a skill that is invaluable for when you're low on ammo or need a certain gun.

Other notable companions you will be able to recruit include a pastor, Jerome Jefferies, a revenge-seeking former bar-owner, Mary May Farigrave, and Nick Rye who has access to a pilot with mounted guns on it. However, all of this irrelevant information, because we are all just going to use Boomer, all the time, because he is Boomer, and he is the best.

Far Cry 5 is poised to release this Tuesday, March 27th. It will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, starting at $59.99 USD.

In other recent and related news, Far Cry 5 may or may not contain a mission that involves Trump and an alleged infamous tape of his. It also has a secret ending that allows you to beat the game in just five minutes.

If you can't wait until Tuesday to get your Far Cry 5 fix, then here's the game's first 25 minutes to hold you over.