Fe's Primary Quest Will Take Seven to Eight Hours to Complete, Say Developers

A new interview with one of the major developers behind Fe, which releases later this year, [...]

(Photo: Zoink Games)

A new interview with one of the major developers behind Fe, which releases later this year, uncovers a few secrets about how the game will work. Andreas Beijer, Game Director at Zoink Games and Art Director for Fe, spoke with WCCFTech about the upcoming title, explaining the various abilities available for players to use.

While the game is packed with things to do on the side, Beijer said that the primary story would take less than a day to complete -- if you're the kind of person who can go at a game for hours on end, that is. "It's hard to say since we want players to take their time and explore the environment, but if you were set on just completing the 'main quest' I would think perhaps about 7-8 hours," said Beijer. "Then you are free to roam around and find all the secrets and that really depends on the player how much time that takes. It's hard to say really. I'm thinking of the world of Fe as big enough to get lost in but small enough to get to know it all."

Beijer went on to talk about the various abilities that the player character can use, noting that the powers available split into two 'branches' in a way. "One thing is about the flora and fauna of the world. You can befriend animals that can help you in different ways, then there is their relationship to certain plants that also is helpful to the player. Then we have a system of shards that's hidden in the world and gives the player new abilities as well."

For anyone wondering about how the game is set to run on 4K platforms, worry not: according to Beijer, a lot of work went into making sure those enhancement went beyond the game's special presentation on the Xbox One X. "At Zoink, we have been focused on making the core game as good as possible for the benefit of all platforms," Beijer explained. "With regards to those two, the game will run at native 4K (2160p) and 30 frames per second on the Xbox One X, and 1260p/30 frames per second on PlayStation 4 Pro."

Fe is scheduled to release for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC some time later this year.

Source: WCCFTech