Final Fantasy VII Eyeglasses Are a Real Thing That Exists

It's hard to overstate just how massive the promotion has been for Square Enix's Final Fantasy VII Remake. The game is easily one of the most highly-anticipated titles of 2020, and the publisher has not been shy about promoting it. From candy bar giveaways to real-life necklaces, it seems Final Fantasy VII fans have a lot of dedicated tie-ins to enjoy in the lead-up to the game, and immediately after. The latest is a pair of Final Fantasy VII Remake themed glasses designed to help you cut down on blue light during those long gaming sessions. As of this writing, they appear to be exclusive to Japan.

It might be hard to imagine how glasses could be made to fit the Final Fantasy theme, but the glasses have a handful of accents that might make the package seem worth it to franchise fans. On the right side of the frames, players will find an image of Meteor. On the left side of the frames, there are two empty Materia sockets, meant to evoke those in Cloud's Buster Sword.

The Final Fantasy VII imagery doesn't stop there, however. The protective case bears the Final Fantasy VII Remake logo, and the case comes with a card featuring Cloud, and a cleaning cloth with the game's logo. The glasses are sold by Zoff, and will set fans back ¥15,000. That translates to just under $140, though fans looking to import will probably have to pay a bit more to get them in North America. The glasses are set to release April 3rd, one week before the game's release.


It truly is amazing to see how much Final Fantasy VII themed merchandise is available, at the moment. It certainly speaks to the original game's popularity that we're seeing this kind of push. That said, the glasses are a bit of an odd item. Diehard fans might be interested, but the accents might be too subtle for the price Final Fantasy fans would have to pay to import.

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