Fire Emblems: Three Houses Update Adds New Mode, DLC, and Removes Controversial Voice Actor

Moments ago, Fire Emblem: Three Houses on Nintendo Switch went live with a new update, bringing a plethora of new content and changes to the best-selling and critically-acclaimed strategy meets social sim game. Most notably, Wave 2 DLC is now available to all owners of the Fire Emblem: Three Houses expansion pass, which features additional battles and the option to put glasses on Byleth, the game's protagonist.

Nintendo has also announced that the Maddening Mode is now live in the game. This is free for everyone, and is for only the most hardcore fans of the game looking for the hardest challenge yet. Interestingly, those who finish the game in this mode without carrying over any previous save data will get a title screen change.

More specifically, the new Wave 2 DLC adds five additional Auxiliary Battles, new background music for Auxiliary Battles, four valuable items with stat boosts, one type of attire for most students, and a pair of glasses for Byleth to wear.

Lastly, the update has silently removed and replaced Chris Niosi's voice work for the male Byleth. This is being done presumably in response to the abuse allegations lodged against Niosi, which he admitted to. Further, the voice actor also broke NDA. So it's possible this played into the decision as well.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is available for Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch only. Personally, it's my game of the year so far, which is surprising, because I've never been into the series in the past. In other words, it's that good. And best yet, it's seemingly endless with over 200 hours of content.

Below, you can find the full patch notes for the new update, courtesy of Nintendo:


New and Updated Features

  • Added Maddening mode to the New Game difficulty options. Note that if you clear Maddening mode without selecting New Game +, the title screen will change.
  • Increased the bonus Renown for selecting New Game + at the start of the game.
    • In addition to the usual difficulty bonus, 10,000 Pts. will now be added each time you clear a path.
    • The max threshold for bonus Renown is now 50,000 Pts.
    • If you already started playing using New Game + before applying the DLC data, 10,000 Pts. per cleared path will be added to each save slot the first time it is loaded.
    • Up to Ver.1.0.1, only the type of path cleared was saved but not the number of clears for the same path, which will now be saved applying the DLC Ver.1.0.2.
  • Added Goddess Tower to the Event Gallery in Extras. Use the ZL/ZR Buttons to select the Goddess Tower page, then choose a character event to replay.
    • The Event Gallery is unlocked once you’ve cleared the game.
  • Implemented new English voice for Byleth (male).
  • New Expansion Pass Content:
    • A new set of items
      • You can receive this set of items as DLC Supplies from the bed in Byleth’s Personal Quarters. Each save file can receive these supplies: Sacred Galewind Shoes (Movement +1), Sacred Floral Robe (HP +7), Sacred Snowmelt Drop (Strength +3), Sacred Moonstone (Speed +3).
    • Additional auxiliary battles
      • There are five additional auxiliary battles in the Expansion Pass: Battle at Lake Teutates, Battle in the Forest, Battle at Gronder Field, Battle at the Sealed Forest, and Battle at Conand Tower.
      • Depending on your progress, one of them will be listed in the battle-selection screen.
      • These additional auxiliary battles will be marked with the yellow “!” icon in the battle-selection screen. As a bonus, these battles may give you status-up items, such as Ailell Pomegranate, and an increased Gold reward in addition to the Bullions.
      • All maps will consume one activity point to start.
    • A new song (Corridor of the Tempest)
      • You can access the new song (Corridor of the Tempest) from the System menu while you are in an auxiliary battle. You can also listen to it in the Music Library.
    • New attire/accessory (House Loungewear / Glasses for Byleth)
      • The new attire (House Loungewear) is for the protagonist and students. Swap outfits in Byleth’s Personal Quarters from the Journal. These outfits are only wearable inside the monastery, or for specific unit classes during battle (this varies by character).
      • The new attire cannot be sent along with a traveler.
      • The new accessory (Glasses) can also be put on in Byleth’s Personal Quarters. They can be combined with any other attire. The glasses can be worn in the monastery and during battle.
    • A confirmation message is now displayed when you abandon an item during battle.


  • Fixed the bug that caused the game to freeze when Fortify was used while equipped with a certain skill.
  • Addressed the incorrect character design in event still images.
  • Fixed the bug that incorrectly displayed a Caspar line as Linhardt’s during the White Heron Cup.
  • Fixed the bug that displayed a “TBD” message when mastering combat.
  • Fixed the bug in the cut-in sequence for a CRITICAL attack.
  • Fixed the bug that prevented Rescue magic from working properly to move an ally to a space near the user.
  • Fixed the bug that accidentally let the player enter the closed-off desk corridor in the Cardinals’ Room.
  • Some text has been revised.
  • The gameplay has been improved by addressing a few additional bugs.