Fortnite: 50v50 Solid Gold LTM Duos Now Live

The latest Fortnite update to hit this week was smaller than most patches from Epic Games but it [...]

The latest Fortnite update to hit this week was smaller than most patches from Epic Games but it did bring back a beloved Limited Time Mode for players enjoy. Now the Solid Gold event has moved from solo play to duos.

"All things that glitter are gold! Battle with all legendary weapons in the Solid Gold and Solid Gold 50v50 LTM's, available now!" The latest improvement was that it will only consist of Legendary weapons. As the name suggests, the Limited Time Mode will only be available for a short amount of time and offers players a chance to take a break from the usual Victory Royale and go for a more unique challenge.

The 50v50 is a popular LTM that does make its way into the game more often than not. Still, each time Epic Games makes improvements based off of player feedback so if you're getting down on some of the action and see a way it can be made better - don't hesitate to shoot a message over their way with your feedback!

The latest update is much smaller than previous entries, focusing more on the new item and perfecting a favored Limited Time Mode. It would make sense that the latest patch be less focused on "flash" given that the season is rapidly approaching its end and the team seems to have their hands full with that mysterious cube that landed last week! It's still on the move and looks to be heading towards Fatal Fields!

To learn more about the cube and what previous updates have brought to the world of Battle Royale, you can check out our community hub right here to stay in the know for that Fortnite edge.

As for the game itself, Fortnite is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and some Android devices. The Battle Royale title will be making its way to even more Android units in time, though it is the most recent addition so the team is hard at work of making it the most optimized version it could be.