Ant-Man Is Available Now in Fortnite

After a litany of teases that took place across today on social media, Epic Games made things official and announced that Ant-Man is now available to purchase in Fornite. The iconic Marvel superhero is one of the final characters that will be added to Season 5 of the popular battle royale shooter, but he also might very well be one of the coolest.

Per usual, Ant-Man isn't the only thing that has come to Fortnite in this new skin drop. While the character skin for the shrinking superhuman looks great in its own right, his accompanying gear is also pretty excellent. Along with buying Ant-Man on his own, Fortnite players can also snag a new pickaxe that is simply an oilve on a toothpick. It's a cute addition that fits in with Ant-Man's smaller size. Lastly, a new piece of backbling has also been added which is, of course, just an ant.

As mentioned, Ant-Man is actually going to be one of the final new skins that is added to Fortnite here in Season 5. The game's current battle pass is slated to end on March 15, which means that Season 6 is right around the corner. And while we don't know what Epic might have in store for this new Season of content, it will surely see with it the addition of many more characters from popular media.

Once again, Ant-Man is available to purchase right this second in the Fortnite item shop. No matter if you're playing on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, PC, or mobile devices, you should be able to spend your own V-Bucks to grab the beloved superhero.


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