Fortnite Reveals First Look at Ant-Man

Epic Games just revealed the first look at Fortnite’s version of Ant-Man, though if you weren’t looking closely enough, there’s a good chance you missed it entirely. The game’s Twitter account shared a teaser indicating another Marvel skin was coming and hid Ant-Man in the image for players to find ahead of his arrival. This tease lines up nicely with the appearance of a new portal and past references to Ant-Man that suggested he’d be arriving soon.

The image below may be one that Fortnite players recall from earlier in 2020 when Deadpool and X-Force skins came to Fortnite. It shows Domino, Cable, and Psylocke in that order, but there’s another character hidden within the image if you look at Cable’s arms.

As plenty of players have pointed out to others who didn’t catch the tease in the X-Force image, that’s definitely Ant-Man sitting on Cable’s arm just under his elbow. He’ll of course be a normal size when he’s added to the game, but it’s a clever tease to hint at his arrival. It looks as though he’s wearing the classic outfit people will expect him to be in when he’s added, but it’s difficult to make out the details given how small his presence in the teaser is.

Though Ant-Man’s now made his first Fortnite appearance and the tweet including his likeness directly mentioned Marvel characters, players already suspected he’d be added to the game next. Even before his portal officially appeared in-game, the portal was discovered in the game’s files with the codename “SmallFry” which immediately conjured up thoughts of Ant-Man. The Marvel section of the in-game Item Shop was recently updated as well in an apparent effort to prepare for either a new skin’s arrival or a returning Marvel skin. Based on the portal and the latest teaser appearing in-game, it appears it’ll be the former whenever Ant-Man is officially added.


It likely won’t be much longer until Ant-Man is officially in the game either since Fortnite’s teasers typically follow set patterns and move quickly once they’ve started. It could be added as soon as this weekend, though Epic Games will be sure to let players know when it’s available for purchase.

After Ant-Man is added, we’ve still got plenty of skins we’d like to see before Season 6 starts or sometime afterwards.