Fortnite Meets Avengers: Endgame in This Marvelous Fan Art

What may be the biggest film event of our lifetime is just around the corner, but before Avengers: [...]

What may be the biggest film event of our lifetime is just around the corner, but before Avengers: Endgame makes its way to theaters, Epic Games will be injecting a bit of the film into their massively popular title Fortnite Battle Royale. We've already seen some teasers for the upcoming crossover event, with each featuring a different aspect of the Avengers themselves. That said, one talented Australian artist by the name of Mizuri decided to get the part started a little early with some mashups of their own that blend the popular game with the highly-anticipated movie.

In the mashups that are posted to Mizuri's Instagram account, we can see a few of the well-known Fortnite characters stepping into the roles of some fan-favorite Avengers. Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor are all present, which are the three characters that have been present in the Fortnite teasers so far.

You can check out more of Mizuri's fantastic art on their Instagram. As for the upcoming event itself, downtime is set to begin at 5 a.m. ET on April 25th. This is when "balance will be restored" with the v8.50 update, and with Thanos being the center of the previous Fortnite crossover with Avengers: Infinity War, we imagine the big baddie will be making his return to wreak havoc.

Fortnite is currently available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and mobile devices. For more on the massively popular Battle Royale title, check out some of our previous coverage.

What do you think about all of this? Are you hoping the crossover event will bring full suits from Avengers: Endgame to Fortnite? Sound off in the comment section below, or feel free to hit me up over on Twitter @anarkE7!


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