'Fortnite' Players Have Found A Mysterious Castle


Fortnite isn't Fortnite if there isn't a new mystery every week. And the latest involves a mysterious castle.

In some of the game's Rifts, which are scattered across different parts of the map, players have noticed something strange lately while using them. If you look at one from exactly the right angle, an image of what looks like a fantasy-type castle begins to emerge.

One of the Rifts with the mysterious castle inside can be found near Wailing Woods in the relatively new underground bunker. According to PCGamesN, if you maneuver around said Rift just right so that the shards line up correctly, a high fantasy castle becomes visible, or at least something that looks like a high fantasy castle.

Looking closely, there appears to be all the classic markings of a fantasy castle: towers with pointed rooftops, flags, and arching gates. The image is notably a bit blurry though, so it's hard to make out the finer details, but that's probably because the Rift is showing something from a different universe.

If you look close you could see a castle in rifts from r/FortNiteBR

As PCGamesN points out, the surrounding of the castle looks like it might be from a snowy world, which perhaps suggests it's a tease for a holiday-themed winter map that may just apparently come with a new castle.

As you may know, last year, the game added a layer of snow to the world for Christmas and other December holidays, but that's about it. However, the game has gotten much more popular and ambitious with its in-game events since -- just look at Halloween 2018 compared to Halloween 2017 -- so it wouldn't be surprising if the map gets a more fleshed out snowy overhaul and some new locations.


All of that is to say, players have no clue what it could mean, though speculation and theories are rampant, of course. Whatever it is, it's likely not nothing. Epic Games have become the masters of tease, and when something like this happen in Fortnite, it's usually just the start of something much bigger.

Fortnite is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.