Fortnite Crew Subscribers Can Save the World for Free Next Month

Epic Games' Fortnite subscription service called the Fortnite Crew offers different incentives to join each month, and in May, it's offering one of the more unique ones we've seen so far. It's giving subscribers access to Fortnite: Save the World, the original, PvE version of the game released before battle royale took everything over. You don't have to anything extra to get the game either, so if you're subscribed but haven't played it before (or plan on subscribing), you can look forward to getting the game next month.

The copy of Save the World isn't a permanent perk to the Fortnite Crew subscription which means that if you don't subscribe in May and get it then, you won't, as of right now, be able to receive the game as a bonus for being a subscriber the next month. Epic Games did say that you get to keep Save the World for free and for good once you get it in May as a Fortnite Crew bonus, however, so if you get the game and then cancel your subscription, you'll still keep Save the World and the Diemos Hero available in the game as part of the perks.

"When you receive May's Fortnite Crew benefits, Save the World will be automatically unlocked for you if you don't already own it," Epic Games said. "Players on Save the World-compatible platforms (PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC) may be prompted to download additional data in order to begin playing."

Those who already have Save the World and subscribe to Fortnite Crew will get the Diemos Hero as well. You'll have the character right when you start playing regardless of this is your first or 100th time loading into the game.


Save the World can still be purchased separately, too, and that offer isn't going anywhere even though the game's being given away in May to subscribers. Those who aren't subscribed can only buy it through packs now that bundle it with different items instead of the Founder's Pack which was available at an introductory pricing level. Subscribing to one month of Fortnite Crew to get the game would actually be cheaper than buying the pack outright, but you'd have to compare the contents of the different options to see which one best suits your wants for May.