Fortnite Tease Hints at Loki Skin

A new Fortnite loading screen was spotted this week prior to the latest update’s released, and [...]

A new Fortnite loading screen was spotted this week prior to the latest update's released, and if what players believe is true, it looks like there's a Loki skin coming to the game at some point. The silhouette of the trickster god was spotted in a loading screen towards the side of the image, but considering how easily discernable Loki's outline is from other characters' designs, it's not hard to make out who this person is.

The image below shows a zoomed-in shot of the latest loading screen for those who are subscribed to the monthly Fortnite Crew service. The full loading screen itself is a lot to look at with the Cuddle Team Leader taking the spotlight in the middle, but over to the left between the heads of two other characters is the silhouette of Loki.

Loki's helmet, the unmistakable headpiece with the curved horns arching back towards his head, is the most recognizable part of the character's design and the one that gives away his identity even when he's blacked out. In his hand, apparently is the scepter Loki uses. It's likely that scepter will be added to the game as a pickaxe variant whenever Loki gets his skin. Back bling and related cosmetics typically accompany skins of this sort of prestige as well, so it seems like we can probably expect more than just an outfit and a pickaxed.

As others pointed out, it looks like a version of Thor might've made an appearance in the same image, too. Perhaps it's just a coincidence, but the silhouette highlighted below sure does look like one of the versions of Thor we've seen throughout the course of the MCU.

If you're wondering why a Loki skin would be teased now, especially whenever there's still Batman crossovers going on in Fortnite, it's likely being hinted at in preparation for the new Loki TV series Marvel's working on. That show is scheduled to make its debut early in June, so sometime next month would be a prime time for Epic Games to connect Fortnite to pop culture once more. If not then, it's evident a Loki skin is coming at some point.