Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point #3 Reveals Major Hints About Who's Controlling Fortnite Island

We're officially halfway through Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point, the buzzed-about comic miniseries [...]

We're officially halfway through Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point, the buzzed-about comic miniseries mashing up the DC Comics universe with the Epic Games battle royale. The series' third issue, which hits stands today, has been highly anticipated among fans for quite some time, largely due to the previously-publicized fight between Batman and G.I. Joe's Snake Eyes. The battle officially commenced in this week's Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point #3, and along the way, the structure of the issue shed some light on the elusive organization behind the entirety of Fortnite island. Spoilers for Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point #3 from Christos Gage
, Donald Mustard, Reilly Brown
, Nelson Faro DeCastro, John Kalisz, 
and Andworld Design below! Only look if you want to know!

Given the fact that Fortnite's players don't usually speak while within the game itself, previous issues have gone to creative lengths to convey information amid action-packed fight scenes. Instead of using Batman's internal monologue, Issue #3 is mostly structured on a series of inter-office memos from a member of a "Loop Observation" team monitoring Fortnite Island. The author reveals that the organization "expected" for Batman to find a way to escape the loop, and has specifically been throwing in safeguards to try to prevent him from escaping the Loop too early. A second memo dives into the decision to pit Snake Eyes against Batman, which has seemingly delayed Batman's exit from the Loop. The memo flat-out confirms that Batman and Snake Eyes are both being "manipulated", and that if they were left to their own devices, they might discover secrets about the island.

A third memo reveals that the organization members have been watching "highlight reels" of Batman and Snake Eyes' fight, and that there's a chance that both heroes are starting to remember their emotions from previous matches. Later memos suggest that the pair is forming an unprecedented alliance, and flat-out asks if two players from different origin points have previously teamed up. The message is then subsequently deleted, with the last two memos of the issue reacting to Batman and Snake Eyes using hand signals to communicate with one another, ultimately leading to Snake Eyes throwing the fight so Batman can survive the Loop. The final memo proclaims that Batman is "inbound", but that those involved with the memo have experience with handling "unusual, unpredictable situations".

The identity of the Loop Observation member isn't revealed, much less the name of the organization, but these nuggets of information do add more detail to the idea of how Fortnite Island operates. Could the organization in question be the previously-established Imaginary Order — or IO — or something else entirely? And now that we know the organization has been specifically orchestrating elements of Batman's time in the Loop, how could that effect the remaining three issues of the series? Fans will just have to keep reading to find out.